Thanks to the fabulous folks at Tomoson and Glory Feel, I was able to receive this product at no charge for testing and reviewing purposes.  This will by no means influence my opinion, review and/or rating of the product you see featured below.

Until I found this network for bloggers, I had never heard of the company known as Glory Feel that sells various products on Amazon.  I was fortunate to review their product Speed Racer LED Bicycle Lights.  I was enthralled by the LED technology and colors available.  So when I was approved for this campaign, I was excited to give it a try.


  • IMPROVED ABSORPTION & RELIEF FROM DISAGREEABLE FISHY AROMA:  In order to increase your absorption rate of the essential fatty acids, they have added an enteric coating to their fish oil pills.  This coating also takes care of the fishy aftertaste the fish oil products are often known for.  Therefore, now it’s possible to enjoy the benefits of an Omega 3 fish oil supplement without any fishy burps.
  • MOLECULAR DISTILLATION TO ENSURE A HIGH LEVEL OF PURITY:  Gloryfeel fish oil is dedicated to conform with and even exceed all accuracy standards with regards to its purity and label.  Molecular distillation method has been used to purify their fish oil.  Unlike many other purification techniques, this method eliminated PCBs, heavy metals and other toxins to a level that is safe for human consumption.
  • 60-120 DAY SUPPLY WITH EACH PACK:  Each bottle of Gloryfeel fish oil comprises of 120 capsules.  Based on 1-2 capsules per day, this will last anywhere from 60-120 days.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST:  You can trust them for the purity of the product, it’s projected competence, safety of the ingredients used, accuracy of the label and the product’s value as a nutrient.  Quality that can be trusted without any doubt whatsoever.
  • OPTIMIZATION:  Each serving of Gloryfeel fish oil contains 2000 mg fish oil (1400 mg Omega 3 Fatty Acids: 600 mg DHA + 800 mg EPA).  Compared to many other popular brands, the quality of important Omega 3 offered by their product is 3-4 times higher.  Many renowned experts recommended Omega 3 as the most efficient single supplement for the human body.  Each single serving of their product offers you the recommended daily dose of 600 mg DHA.  Helps support healthy heart, brain, joints, vision, skin and vascular health.  May reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.


I’ll be honest, as I always strive to be…When I was first accepted to this campaign, I was quite nervous.  The only experience I have had with Fish Oil was as a child…all I remembered was the awful smell.  With my horrible gag reflex, I wasn’t sure how I would handle taking this supplement.  It turns out, I had absolutely nothing to worry about.  This is not the fish oil supplement I remember from my childhood.  These capsules have a minimal fishy scent straight out of the bottle and absolutely no fishy aftertaste whatsoever.  You would be amazed by the quality of these gel caps.  Since I have begun taking this supplement, I have noticed my blood pressure is reduced, my skin is more radiant.  Another benefit is my hair seems to be more shiny and lustrous.  I have really been pleasantly surprised by the effects of this supplement and will continue to take it due to the amazing benefits I have experienced and hope to continue to have in the future.


**This post is sponsored by Tomoson

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