Thanks to the fabulous folks at Tomoson and Best for My Pets, I was able to receive this product at no charge for testing and reviewing purposes.  This will my no means influence my opinion, review and/or rating of the product you see featured below.


Of all the products I have been fortunate enough to test and review over the last few months, I am pleased to finally have one for my pets to sample.  As often as I receive packages, they are always curious to find out what I have acquired, hoping beyond hope that I will finally have something for them.  I was as thrilled as they were when they realized their wish had finally come true.



  • HAPPY DOG. HAPPY LIFE:  Chewing a bully stick is an easy, fun and natural way for your dog to clean their teeth and keep them strong.  The act of chewing also provides calming and comfort to your dog.  Make your dog happy with a delicious treat that they will enjoy while you take comfort in the quality of a Best for My Pet bully stick.
  • ALL NATURAL 100% PURE BEEF:  Best for My Pets bully sticks are free of chemicals, additives and preservatives.  They are also grain free, gluten free and 100% digestible.  Hard like a bone, these treats are resistant to chipping and much easier on a dog’t teen while satisfying your dog’s craving to chew.
  • DELICIOUS AND HEALTHY:  Their bully sticks are low in fat and a great source of protein for your dog.  Pet stores are full of unhealthy treats that are difficult for your dog to digest or are simply bad for their health.  These delicious long-lasting, all natural treats help maintain your dog’s oral hygiene and promote over all good health.
  • A GREAT VALUE:  The great care and quality that goes into their products is what makes Best for My Pets bully sticks the best you can give your dog.  Their convenient home delivery makes it easier and less expensive to provide a great product.  Pre-order your future orders and they’ll discount your bully sticks even more.


The secret of having a happy and HEALTHY dog always.  It seems incredible how a treat can be so healthy.  Here are 5 reason you’re going to LOVE their bully sticks:
  1. Your dog will LOVE it
  2. It’s HEALTHY!  100% natural, no chemicals, high in protein and low in fat
  3. It will last longer than other dog treats and will help maintain their oral health
  4. It is a stress relief to your dog because it is a chewy YUMMY treat
  5. Backed by their 100% satisfaction guarantee – NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  (Order yours now, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!)
Now you can see your dog’s happy face, not just because of a delicious treat, but because of a HEALTHY delicious treat that will last a long time.  If you don’t see that happy face, you are guaranteed your money back.  They know how hard it is for you to say no to your pooches.  Best for My Pets Low Odor bully sticks will make you feel good about giving a healthy treat to your dog.  You will notice that Best for My Pets Bully Sticks will calm and comfort your dogs.  Dogs will love chewing on their bully sticks and will forget all about chewing on your furniture.


Have you ever seen those commercials on TV that are for a dog treat but they begin by saying something about ‘doggy dentures’?  With a huge smile on the dog’s mouth with perfect white teeth?  Those commercials always make me smile and I though of that as I was reading the description above.  The only difference is, my dogs actually LOVE these treats.  I very seldom buy treats for my pooches because one of them has allergies.  He’s allergic to grain and gluten and raw-hide, so he can’t have many treats on the market.  Yet he’s had absolutely NO reaction to these treats so I’ll probably stay stocked up on them.  I have 2 adorable dogs that I always make sure have the best they can possible have.  Therefore, when I have the opportunity to provide them with a safe treat that’s also healthy and delicious for them, I am all over it.  So it came as no real surprise to my friends and family that I am  all over this treat.  My dogs are so much happier now and therefore so am I.


Do you have a pet of your own that deserves only the very best?  Well, I have some good news for you.  Thanks to the people at Best for My Pet, I am able to provide one lucky reader with a bag of their own Bully Sticks.  Simply SUBSCRIBE to my newsletters and you’ll be entered into the giveaway.  That’s all there is to it.  This contest will run through May 24, 2015 11:59 PM (PDT).  I will draw the winner on May 25, 2015 and notify them via email.  Good Luck!


**This post is sponsored by Tomoson.

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