Thanks to the fine folks at Tomoson and Great Oral Health, I received this product at no cost for testing and reviewing purposes.  This will by no means influence my opinion, review and/or rating of the product you see featured below.


Dr. O’Malley has been successfully practicing dentistry for more than 30 years.  He graduated from the prestigious Creighton University School of Dentistry and opened up his first practice in the Midland, Texas area.  He rapidly boomed his practice, growing to multiple locations and became the largest dental provider in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico.  He then joined forces with a National Dental Management group.  They took over the day-to-day running of the practice and continue to do so to this day.
At this point, Dr. O’Malley made a transition to California, intent upon pursuing the latest in cosmetic dentistry as well as further works in the fields of minimally invasive dentistry and biological, holistic dentistry.  As the years continued he became more and more convinced of the need for more advanced oral health products.  The vast majority of patients and full mouth restoration cases he was treating all suffered from various stages of gum disease.
Dr. O’Malley began researching and developing new approaches and products to tackle this ‘silent-epidemic’ and to bring a saner, more effective set of products to the field of oral health.  To date, they have two key products that have been developed.  Both are patent pending and both are based upon his work and studies in the fields of holistic and biological dentistry.  The two great products are:
  • ADVANCED ORAL PROBIOTICS:  A custom formulation and blend of targeted probiotics for the mouth.  Designed for effectiveness and super ease of use.  This product was released in July of 2014.
  • A REVOLUTIONARY TOOTHPASTE:  Still in the final stages of development and testing.  Slated for release sometime in 2015.


(RETAIL $28.95

  • ALL NATURAL BREATH AND GUM TREATMENT:  The primary cause of bad breath are the sulfurous gases produced by the ‘bad’ bacteria over growth in the mouth – primarily lodged in the tongue and gums.  Their oral probiotics are blended to tame the ‘bad’ bacteria and restore a healthy bacteria balance in your mouth.  Can be used with a tongue scraper for extra bad breath treatment.
  • DENTIST RECOMMENDED & APPROVED:  Developed by a leading holistic dentist, their probiotic blend is packed with 7 potent strains of beneficial bacteria.
  • TASTES GREAT:  Available in tow distinct flavors.  From the first chewable tablet you will immediately notice the clean, fresh taste.  Unlike other cheap halitosis cures or bad breath treatments, their oral probiotics will not leave a metallic aftertaste or deaden your taste buds.  You might notice a mild chalky texture and taste, this is a part of their formulation to boost adherence and effectiveness.
  • MADE IN THE USA:  You can trust and feel safe knowing that their oral probiotic formula is 100% manufactured in the USA.  Made to exacting standards in a premier manufacturing facility, their probiotics utilize the patented OLIVEBAC-process for guaranteed potent active culture in each tablet that does NOT require refrigeration.  They are so confident in their quality that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • TOP QUALITY INGREDIENTS:  Their oral probiotics are Gluten Free, Lactose Free and suitable for vegetarians.  Their oral probiotics are 100% fluoride and bleach free.  All natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or sweeteners.


I have been taking probiotics for the past several months and am truly enjoying the improvements they provide.  When I received this oral probiotic, I had high hopes this product would be a great product to integrate into my supplement routine.  I’m happy to report, I was NOT disappointed.  I simply take one chewable tablet after brushing every morning and my mouth feels cleaner an fresher all through the day.  I haven’t gone in for my routine checkup/cleaning yet, however, I am excited for the dentist to notice the difference that I do.  If it goes as well as I anticipate, I’ll be keeping this product stocked up and ready to use everyday.


**This post is sponsored by Tomoson.

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